Thursday, October 15, 2009

My kid's too busy to be a star

Well, and so am I for that matter.

My daughter's kindergarten class has a "Star of the Week" where one kid for a week gets to have a poster displayed in the classroom about themselves: their family, their favorite foods, their favorite places to go, etc. Great way for the kids to get to know each other.

My daughter will be the Star next week. I hope.

She brought home the poster she needed to fill out on Monday and to be returned preferably by Friday, but next Monday would be OK. I asked my mom to help brainstorm ideas of what my daughter could color/cut-out-and-paste/draw/write on the poster; I would like to be able to help her (aren't moms supposed to do this stuff?).


Monday I had a meeting at church and didn't get home until 9:30 (past my daughter's bed-time)
Tuesday my daughter had a rehearsal for The Sound of Music until 6 and then we had to go get new jazz shoes because she refuses to stop growing. Then of course she needed to be fed (she refuses to stop being hungry, too!).
Wednesday (yesterday) I had to go to my second job until 10:00
Thursday (today) I will be home for a while until I have to go to choir practice for church...and I hafta go since I'm likely to have a small solo-bit in the piece we're performing on Sunday.
Friday (tomorrow) we will be able to work on it more, but are already scheduled to have friends over for dinner
Saturday we already have plans (and paid for them) to be at a regional event for our church (notice a theme here, yet?) until the afternoon. After that we'll need to finish the poster if we want to be able to finally see the Halloween fireworks at Disneyland
Sunday we have church, and then church and then more church. And grocery shopping in there somewhere...

So you see, Mrs. Nygaard, my kid and I just have way too much on our plates as it is. She's much too busy to be a star next week. Maybe we could pencil something in for late April? Wait, let me check the calendar...


We were able to get my daughter's poster done over the weekend: before dinner on Friday and before church Sunday morning. It turned out great!

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