Thursday, September 24, 2009

Only YOU can prevent car accidents


During my 40 minute commute to work today, I counted 4 people talking on their cell phones without using a handsfree device. 4. And that was just the people directly in front of or behind me. I didn't scrutinize every car on the southbound 55.

That means that roughly every 10 minutes, someone decides they're willing to risk my life (or at the VERY least, my car's life) just to make or answer a phone call. I don't like that statistic (which is in no way scientifically proven, just based on my observations), and I shouldn't have to live with it. The handsfree only law was created for a reason, just as the no-running-red-lights law was: to save lives.

I think I'm going to follow someone else's idea whenever I see someone breaking this law: hold up my iPhone like I'm going to take a picture and look at the person in their rearview mirror and say, "Smile!" Of course, I won't take the picture if I'm driving; that would be just stupid and hypocritical. But it may entice the person breaking the law to hang up the phone, thinking that I might just send that "picture" to the police.

Think it'll work?

Or maybe I'll just make a sign to hold up: "Please don't kill me, hang up the phone!"

Anyone else want one? I'll make it double-sided: one side written so the guy behind me can read it, and the other side written backwards so the gal in front of me can read it in the rearview mirror.


I counted 5 drivers on my way home, 2 of which were texting with both hands!

My fearless child, friends and I on Tower of Terror at DCA

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