Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's YOUR Sign

The Orange/Santa Ana/Tustin/Costa Mesa/etc. police departments either need to step it up or hire me part-time. It seems that people seem to be forgetting the most recently created laws. Every day this last week I have seen people texting while driving and holding their phones up to their ears while driving. What is up with these people? Have they not heard about the gruesome train crash that was caused by texting while driving (conducting)? I even saw one mom texting and driving with her infant in the backseat; and she wasn't even looking at the road!

I made a little hand-written sign saying, "HANG UP! HANDSFREE!" but every person I show it to just gives me a little nod and continues on. What's up!?! Seriously, if I was an undercover cop, they'd soooo be busted! I know that these violations are pull-over-able, but there never seems to be a police car nearby. Can I make a citizen's arrest over this? I am angry and completely powerless at the same time. If the idiot next to me is texting and drifts into my lane (or makes a lane change without checking behind her first, as happened this Monday), I'm at the mercy of the technology-addicted idiot.

For now, I feel all I can do is go to FedEx Office and make an 8.5x11 laminated sign that says, "YOU'RE BREAKING THE LAW!!!" so that everyone around them can see.

My fearless child, friends and I on Tower of Terror at DCA

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