Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I Remember...I Think

I'm hoping that I'm not alone in this little annoyance I have discovered; if I am then I should make an appointment with my doctor IMMEDIATELY!

I remember things, things that the people in my life say haven't happened to me.

One of my memories is being in a house/cabin with snow outside when I was little. I remember coming in from the snow and my Auntie "B" serving me hot chocolate in a mug with a candy cane as a stirrer. Both of my parents adamantly swear that I have never been in a cabin/house with Auntie "B" where there was snow. We were at her house once for Christmas, but it wasn't snowing.

I also remember a birthday of mine when I was young. I was in our house on Cleveland (meaning I was at least 5 or 6, if not older), lying on my parents' bed, watching the after-lunch special on Nickelodeon. My birthday is in April, and occasionally (ok, a LOT) it landed during Spring Break, so that explains why I was home instead of at school. My dad walked into the bedroom with a small dish of tapioca pudding with a single lit birthday candle in it. I don't remember if he was singing "Happy Birthday" to me or not, but knowing Dad, probably not. Again, both of my parents adamantly swear this never happened. Mom can't figure out why she wouldn't have been home for my birthday, and Dad doesn't remember this at ALL.

Last night after dinner, my folks and I discovered another "discrepancy." When I was a senior in High School, I took drama and dance classes. The annual "PG-14" concert was coming up and I was scheduled to work over the weekend on our big dance number. But my folks and their friends were going to Las Vegas. I remember being in the drama room crying over the cell phone to my mom because if I had to go to Vegas with them, I couldn't be in the performance the next week for having missed rehearsals. Mom didn't think it would be a big deal if I missed a rehearsal, that I was going to Vegas with them NOMATTERWHAT. I knew then that Mom and Dad didn't want to leave me at home by myself because I was dating a MAN (he was 5 years older than me). But I remember being very upset, and it still upsets me now, that my parents didn't care that I failed a portion of my class for a trip to Vegas. Mom doesn't remember that conversation, or that performance. I remember the performance: I was standing in the back of the auditorium watching my classmates perform the dance I'd worked very hard on. But Mom insists that she'd remember if she pulled me away from a class for a family trip.

I wonder how many more of these "memories" I'll discover in my lifetime. I've "remembered" these incidents ever since they occurred, so it's not like I'm just now "remembering them." Only the High School one is most recently to have been discovered as possibly incorrect. But the other two have been a source of amusement for my family for years. Glad my misfiring brain can provide some entertainment.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this TOTALLY happens with my mom, too. She has zero memories of me crying in the frozen food section of the grocery store as a kid because I was so cold, yet it's my stand out memory of being uncomfortable.

    Fast forward 30 years and I find out I'm B12 deficient and one of the main side effects is always being cold.

    I blame my mom for not knowing something was wrong...and she just shakes her head.


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